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julie breton


"I was hospitalized for fracture of the Spine at T12, as a result of sports injury. The medication they gave me at the hospital including morphine did not even kill my pain. On the third day, my mother brought in Klotz to give me a Qigong healing treatment. During the treatment, I could feel the pain at the spinal area moved down my legs and then finally out through the feet. I was shocked at the sudden relief of pain. The pain came back, but with less intensity. Klotz repeated the procedure two more times, after which my pain was completely gone. I was able to get out of bed and bent down to tie my shoelaces on the third day after the Qi healing treatment. Within a week after the treatment, I was discharged. I went back to school and started my weight training immediately."


"I was diagnosed with collapsed spine by my chiropractor, confirmed by X-ray. I started with lower back pain that then became severe. Even with frequent treatments and drugs from my chiropractor, my back pain increased in intensity. After a month's treatment, the pain became so intense that I was not able to sit down for more than 30 seconds, as the pain would shoot up my spine. X-ray was taken and I was advised of surgery to have fission on my spine. My cousin told me to try Qi Gong healing treatments. So I came for Qi healing treatment. He had to treat me standing as I was not able to sit, and after that, I was able to sit down for 5 min. That night, I felt better. He treated me again the next evening. I felt very good and this time, I was able to sit down for 30 min. After the third treatment, my face color came back, and I could even bend down in front of him to tie my shoelaces. I only received 5 treatments from him, and I was able to work, play golf and most importantly I did not need the surgery."  -Jack


"I met this Qi Gong healer at a meeting. Seeing I was an amputee, he asked me if I had ' phantom pain ' . I told him I had to take painkillers for the pain that was especially bad at night. The painkillers only eased some of my pain for a while. He gave me a Qigong healing treatment and as he was working on it, I would feel my amputated foot tingled as if it was still alive. Then the pain disappeared. It was truly amazing."  -Andrew


"I was involved in a car crash and was admitted to emergency with internal injury for a tear of the spleen and an operation to remove 22 inches of my intestine. While in hospital, I developed pneumonia. I had draining tubes in my body. I had lots of pain despite being on morphine and other drugs. I was pretty dosed up. My mother allowed Klotz and his assistants performed an energy healing on me out in the hallway by ICU. I immediately felt better after the treatment and I could lie down and go into a good sleep for a few hours. Next day, I was able to get up and walk. The following day, I had all my draining tubes removed and was moved out of ICU. I had my first meal and drink, and I also had a walk out the front door of the hospital. On the fourth day after the energy treatment, I had all the 47 staples removed and was discharged. The next day after discharge, I felt so much better that I was able to drive again. The energy treatment really works wonders for me. Thanks."  -Mark


"I had a neck injury as the result of a fall from the roof 20 years ago. I had lots of problems and pain and especially I was not able to turn my head either left or right except turning my whole body. I received a Qi Gong energy treatment and I was able to turn my head without needing to turn my whole body. Since then, I had learnt the Wild Goose Qigong exercise. I notice that I feel better, have more energy, and sleep better and without body pain. I even drop all my Medication since.  -Craig


julie breton


"I was a construction worker, on business for years. Couple of days ago, when I leant down to pick up some material from the ground, I felt a severe pain in my buttock since. I went to the doctor who sent me over to the pharmacy to get anti-inflammatory drugs as his diagnosis was inflamed muscle pain. As I walked out of the pharmacy, a Chinese gentleman approached me and said that he might be able to help me to relieve my pain. At that time, I had been walking with my painful leg dragging the ground at about 60 degrees, as I was not able to put any weight on that painful leg. I agreed to give it a try. So, both of us walked to the end of the empty parking lot. He told me to put my hands against the concrete wall, lean forward and legs spread wide apart. As soon as he started the treatment, I felt strong tingling sensations over my buttock. I kept telling him what I felt. He treated me very shortly and then asked me to stand up. I gingerly stood up as he told and I realized that I was able to put my feet together and was standing almost straight. I started to move my legs and I noticed the pain was completely gone. I then jogged to my truck parked about 30 feet away from where we stood. My wife in the truck saw me jogging to her, her jaw dropped and shouted it was a miracle. I had no pain since and I was able to go back to work the next day. Thanks."  -Paul, Hamilton, Ontario


"My dog had been suffering from chronic arthritis for 4 years with severe pain in her joints. The pain and swelling were precipitated by cold and changes in the weather. Her condition progressively got worse, despite cortisone injections. She had been in constant pain. Klotz was visiting us. He saw my dog crying of pain and gave her a Qigong healing treatment. Immediately the dog stopped crying. Ever since after the third day, she was fine, and walked on four legs, which she was not able to do. Her appetite is much improved and she isn't thin and miserable, and has a much better outlook of life now."  -Sisika N. Oaxaca Mexico


"I have a couple of stories for you-a few weeks ago while I was meditating I felt seriously under attack and started to get a bit panicky and anxious-so I remembered you'd said to call on you, so I did, and in about a minute, I felt a big smile on my face and your unmistakable cheery presence with me-and no trace of the whatever that was scaring me. So, thank you once again. Then today Carlos and I were in town shopping and suddenly Esteban called us on the cell phone to tell us one of the horses was in terrible pain, throwing herself on the ground and sweating and generally not ok. So we took off across town, and I couldn't think of anything useful to do in the car, so I closed my eyes, did the golden light egg, made an image of the horse and asked you to help-and when we got to the house the mare was fine. I don't know if this was coincidence, but I've never had a horse in that much pain recover entirely spontaneously before. So, I think I need to thank you again. And I will be forever grateful to Mary Jane for having brought you into my life. Thank you again"  -Sisika


"I had to provide piano music accompaniment for a local theatrical musical production, but I was not able to play due to tendonitis. I went to see my doctor for this. He referred me to receive conventional therapeutic sessions. After 7 days treatment, there was no improvement, instead it got worse. There was also pressure demanding me to perform. I was really pressured and then, I was introduced to medical qigong healing treatment. I went with a confused mind, somewhat skeptical. During the short treatment, I felt some strange sensation over my arm, and then, my pain vanished and I was able to play my piano again. I was told that the energy block in my arm was the cause of the pain and once it was removed, the pain ceased. I went back to the theatre and performed my job without any difficulty since. The treatment has saved my job."  -William