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julie breton


"My 80 year old father had breathing problem and pneumonia in the hospital. He received an energy treatment and his breathing improved and the pain was eased. The same evening, he received some drugs and later, he went into coma. The next morning, he was moved into the palliative ward and I was informed by the doctor that he would die in couple of hours. I then called Klotz to come to the ward to give him another energy healing. He did a remote healing on my father from his home and my father regained consciousness right after the treatment. However, he still had a lot of pain as I could see his hands were up covering his head. When Klotz arrived, he treated him again from the end of his bed because the family was gathering around the head of his bed talking to him. I noticed his started to lower his hands down to his sides and his face also changed from this painful look to a peaceful look. He then went into sleep. Now, after a year, he is still kicking."  -Bill


"My 19-year-old niece had a seizure and fell in the tub hitting her head. She was in coma for a while and was then taken to the hospital in Calgary, where she remained in coma for over 3 weeks. The doctors told my sister that she would be in coma for a long time and that if she became conscious again, she would lose her function of the limbs. I asked for help to give her a Qi Gong energy healing. Klotz and his assistants together gave her a remote healing from Nelson, BC. Upon talking to my sister later that afternoon, I was told that my niece got out of coma about the time the healing was performed. She got out of the hospital two days later and now she could perform every function as usual."  -Lillian


"My 80-year old mother-in-law had a bout of dysentery for a year. She is now declared cured by her doctor, but her illness left her very weak indeed. She has to walk by holding onto somebody's arm all the time. I took her for energy healing against her will. She came unwillingly. Her energy level and vitality were boosted by the treatment. After the treatment, we went shopping with her holding onto my arms as usual. When I stopped for a chat with my friend in the mall, she suddenly slipped off by her self to a distance. At the time, my husband came back and asked where his mother was. I told him she went off by herself, and his jaw dropped in disbelief. A moment later, she trotted back and said "I could walk fast and I did not realize". Two days later she had another treatment, and this time, she almost jogged around the swimming pool. Ever since the treatment, she enjoyed her out-door walk daily by herself.  -Betty


"I had a bone spur on my heel and was unable to put my heel on the ground because it hurt badly. The doctor suggested an operation to remove the bone. I came for a few Qigong healing treatments, after which I was able to walk normally without any pain, and my surgery was not necessary.  -Larry


"I am a cancer patient and am on chemotherapy. The chemotherapy gives me very unpleasant side effects each time. Recently, the side effect had been particularly severe. It severely affected my emphysema that I could hardly breathe even with oxygen. On top of that, I also had pain on my tongue and haemorrhoid. I had been suffering these side effects for a while. Then, my friend told me to try Qigong healing treatment. I received a 30- minute treatment, after which, I was able to breathe without the need of oxygen, my pain in the tongue was gone, and my haemorrhoid pain was much better. During the chemotherapy treatment, I was treated twice a week, and I was glad to have such a relief. Qigong healing was a bless and effective in relieving side-effect symptoms."  -Joannah


"My wife has a Dupuytren’s contracture where the ligaments on the palm thicken into bumps, and pulls the fingers in towards the palm. I have been treating her right after I exercise, and the bumps are now soft and shrinking. I do not think she will need surgery to fix this, as her dad required. I have treated her daily for about 2 weeks now, and she is amazed at how good her palm feels: no tingling, no pull."  -Jim


julie breton


"Dear Master Kwan, my sister in law had large brain tumour on her head requiring brain operation. I like to inform you that the operation was a success. She is resting comfortably and the doctors expect her to make a full recovery with no side effects. Thank you for sending your remote healing powers for her, we believe it made a huge difference as this is a very complex surgery. Thank you very much."


"In 2009 when Ming came to Australia a 45 year male diagnosed with MS 5 years prior to the workshop, came to see Ming for Medical healing qigong treatments. In his healing process, since he was diagnosed, he had tried several modalities including conventional medical treatments. This man had made some progress, but there were still problems that needed to be cleared ( physical and emotional ). His physical problem was that he had an on and off pain in his liver area. With Medical healing qigong treatments, it went away. The next problem was that of an emotional stress caused by his father. His father was always belittling him as a child, teenager and even to this day. This man wanted to forget about these events that kept on haunting him. Many times since his diagnosis he tried to visit with his father and talk about the issues, to no avail. He often went into depression because of this. One Medical healing qigong treatment cleared this problem. The patient was amazed that the treatment had completely cleared the memories. He had no remembrance whatsoever of the bad circumstances his father caused him, both physical and emotional.

After these treatments, this man came to the Medical healing qigong workshops offered by Ming, to learn the exercises. He began daily practising Medical healing qigong for prevention and well-being. Slowly, his MS symptoms improved. In March 2011, he had a stroke, someone revived him while waiting for the ambulance. For a few days after he followed his doctor's recommendation, he stopped his Medical healing qigong daily practice. During this short convalescence, his energy had dropped to a low level, it would normally take a long time and many hospital and doctor's visits for his energy to return. Four days later, he decided to resume his daily medical healing qigong exercise practice. A few days later, his energy was restored. He was in good health again."


"In 2009, Ming conducted a workshop in Australia. At the end of the workshop exercise, a woman approached Ming for a healing of her belly which had swollen big as a pregnant woman on full term. Ming gave her a special treatment and her belly returned to normal. The next day, she came to Ming for the second treatment as her belly again swelled after she practiced his qigong exercise. Her appearance did resemble that of a pregnant woman. The woman admitted that the phenomenon occurred infrequently since her fetus died after she was involved in a car accident while carrying the baby. The belly would blow up for a number of days and would return to normal after a period of time. The doctors could not find any cause for that and was unable to help her. Ming did a clearing and released the trapped spirit of the fetus to God’s white light, and the belly immediately went back to normal. Since the clearing treatment, the phenomenon never returned."


"Australia 2010 – A young man was diagnosed with degeneration in the spine. When he discovered that Ming was coming to Australia, he got in touch with me to make an appointment to see Ming. In the meantime, I sent him a DVD on Medical Healing Qigong to follow until Ming arrived. In June 2010, Ming gave him a treatment to help halt the degeneration in the spinal area. A week later, he came to Casino for more treatments and participated in Ming's workshop.

After the workshop, Ming gave him another Medical Healing Qigong treatment. During the treatment, his cousin, who also attended the workshop, told us that she saw images of her cousin being split in half and suggested that this might be accountable for his present problem. Ming immediately phoned a psychic woman in Canada who confirmed this man in the past life was torn in half at the waist and died during a violent storm during a fishing trip. Then Ming guided us to deal with the past life event. The man felt much better. Several months after practicing Medical Healing QiGong, this man's condition was much improved and he was walking almost normal."  -Lise


"My father was dying of terminal stomach cancer and his death was imminent. He was very much frightened of death and someone had to stay by his side at all times. He even refused to receive the last sacrament from the priest. Dad was very weak, and pale looking. His breathing was short and shallow despite receiving oxygen 24 hours a day. Both of his legs and feet were swollen, purple and painful. Ming was giving workshops in Winnipeg so we called him to come to give dad a treatment.

After his medical healing qigong treatment, my father became calm and peaceful, his breathing became normal and he did not need oxygen anymore. The pain in his feet disappeared, the swelling in his legs and feet subsided and the color of both feet returned to normal. The next day, Ming came to give him another treatment. My dad thanked him for his treatment and shook hands with him and said good-bye. After Ming left, he called the priest in and received the last Sacraments and he died peacefully that evening.  -Ethan


"My father had terminal cancer. In his last days, he spent his time in the long-term care home receiving only palliative care. For a few days, his belly was bloated and he was constipated. He was given all sorts of drugs trying to get his bowels moving again, but to no avail over several days. We called Ming to come to give him a medical healing qigong treatment. After about 20 minutes of treatment, my father was assisted to the bathroom in a hurry and he had a large bowel movement. He was much more comfortable after that, and in a day's time, he passed away peacefully."  -Glen


"The treatment you did for me a few weeks ago has worked wonderfully. Ever since leaving your house I have had great energy. I am no longer fatigued and overwhelmed, I wake up rested. Further more the dizziness and concentration problems are gone. I am back to my regular work schedule, I exercise and have been painting more than ever. My sister's treatment of the small skin cancer on her lip is going well. The dark spot is much smaller and lighter in color. I have instructed her to drink her tea and do Qigong everyday. I was wondering if your son will be giving a concert while in town. If so please let me know as I would like to attend. Have a great day!" -Jen

"My father was in a hospital in Saskatchewan and had been suffering from lots of cancer pain in his abdominal area. He was unable to sleep due to his condition. My mother asked the Kootenay Qi Gong Wellness Centre healing team from Nelson, B.C. to give him a Qigong healing treatment for his pain. That night, he was free from pain and was able to have a good night's sleep, which he did not have for a long time."  -Kathy