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julie breton


"I had suffered from Heartburn for years. Last year, it became severe enough that I had to go to see a doctor. He put me on medication that I took daily. Three months into my medication, my heartburn started to gradually get worse. After eleven months, the condition became so bad that my heartburn also affected my voice box. The doctor ordered me to double my dosage. I began to experience severe side effects and I was feeling spaced out. After five days, I got advice from my cousin to have Qi Gong healing treatment. He gave me a Qigong treatment and removed some energies from my abdomen area. I felt my stomach calm down. I had no need to take my medicine the next day. I had a total of four treatments from him and I am now doing his Wild Goose Qi Gong exercise. It is now six months past that my stomach has been very quiet and I have not taken any medicine since. I am a happier person. My attitude has also changed and I have also become a better person emotionally."  -George


"I was diagnosed with Irritated Bowel Syndrome that was confirmed by laboratory testing. I had experienced severe bloating, gas, pain and diarrhoea after eating. My doctor said there was no effective cure for my condition. I opted for herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment for three months. There were some minor improvements, and I had lost seventeen pounds since. Klotz treated me with Qi, he literally was successful in pulling the bad energies out of my body. After his treatment, I felt a lot better, my pain was incredibly reduced, and my diarrhoea and bloating were also diminished. Two days later, I came for a second treatment; it was at that session that my diarrhoea and bloating had completely stopped. Since then, I had put on a few pounds, and I was very grateful to him."  -Heather


"I wish to thank you for relieving my diarrhea. I wanted to believe it was possible when I sought treatment but at a deeper level I felt I was once again chasing rainbows. Please add all or part of my testimonial to your web site. Two years ago I experienced a sudden onset of explosive liquid stools. The doctor I had at the time said it was a flu like viral infection and that I should rest in bed and drink plenty of fluid. The diarrhea caused increasingly intense abdominal cramping, debilitating exhaustion, rectal bleeding, headaches and dizziness. Up till now, I had been seeing over 30 different doctors and 6 specialists. Every day is a bad day for me because my days revolved around repeated bowel movements 6 to 9 times per day. A goodly number of my days are limited to resting in bed. As it currently stands I am scheduled to receive a colostomy bag as the final solution.Prior to seeing you I have endured physical, emotional and financial devastation. On Wednesday October 5th I reached a low with almost continuous diarrhea, intense cramping with large quantity of bleeding. October 7th - I had my first treatment with you and was able to walk for 10 minutes. During the first 3 treatments in a span of 12 days, I experienced only one bad day, and have noticed a steady improvement of my condition. After the 4th treatment, I discontinued wearing diapers. My joints and limbs ache from being on bed rest for such a long time but I am able to do your Quigong exercise and walk for short distances. I am optimistic for a full recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  -Ken T.


"I have had diarrhea, bleeding, cramping, abdominal gas and pain for a number of years despite years of continuous medical treatment. The pain from gas could be very severe. Finally, after numerous tests, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease a year ago. When my symptoms became severe, I had to be hospitalized. I would be released from hospital when my symptoms subsided, becoming more stable and less severe. My disease never got cured. I was again admitted in the hospital in the spring for my severe symptoms of constant gas pain and diarrhea which was occurring about ten times a day. I was given liquid nutrition with a tube inserted into my stomach. I stayed in the hospital over a month. Then Ming was asked to come to the hospital to treat me. He gave me an energy qigong treatment. Within 15 minutes, my abdominal gas and pain were eliminated. He left but after four hours, my gas pain returned and I called him to come to treat me again. He did a remote healing on me from his home instead of traveling back to the hospital and I was good again. Ever since, my condition slowly improved and my symptoms overall lessened and I felt much better. I was released from the hospital a few days later after his treatment.  -Thank you, Sabrina


"There really are no words to express how grateful I am for your treatment, help and teachings. You have given me my life back in curing me from celiac disease. I feel a lot more open to the world. It is truly amazing, thank you. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 9 years ago. The doctors said it was incurable and the only thing I could do was to stay on a gluten free diet. I did so for 9 years but was always living in fear of eating food that was contaminated with gluten. My lifestyle changed and my social life was highly impacted. I met Ming 9 months ago when he gave me 3 medical qigong treatments within the short week he was visiting the city I live in. He also taught me the medical qigong exercises and I practiced them every day. After a few weeks, I did what I called a "gluten test". I ate a small amount of gluten and didn't have any reactions. At that point, I knew I was better and could eat gluten but I didn't know how much gluten I could safely eat. I was scared to try eating a bigger amount. A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting Ming in Nelson and I ate gluten with him. That's when I found out I was cured. I ate more gluten everyday and never got a reaction. It was truly amazing. After hearing all those years that celiac disease was incurable and that I would be stuck with it all my life, and now, thanks to Ming, I am eating gluten and having no reaction! There are no words to express my gratitude to Ming for having my life back."  -Pauline


"A friend of mine just went down to see you this week. Her name is Jean. I was not able to speak with her till tonight and she told me something very incredible. She said you had done a remote healing on me on Monday night that I was not aware of. I had been very ill with a lot of swelling in my large intestines and I was also in a lot of pain. It started with Diverticulitis and got much worse from there. The doctors at the hospital said I also had a blockage. I had taken laxatives for 3 nights and did not get that much response. That night I was so tired by the time I got home and then I felt much better. After dinner, I could not stay awake. The next day I was able to get up at 5:30 am, took my cat to the airport, then drove all the way to Sicamous from Vernon to do some business. I was not completely better, however, the really intense pain had gone away. When you did the treatment on me that I was not aware of, there was a noticeable improvement. I would so like to get better. Thank you so much for doing this healing on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -Warmest regards, Pamela