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julie breton


"I suffered from severe depression for 12 years. I was on medication, had numerous counseling sessions, saw psychiatrists and psychologists, none of these were effective to relieve my depression. I was even admitted to a hospital on a program especially for mentally ill patients, it did not work either, as when I left the program my depression remained the same. My aunt took me to have a Qi Gong treatment, and that evening I felt great, up-lifted, laughing and happy with no negative thoughts. It lasted about 10 days, then my depression slipped back. I went back to see him and again I felt much better and I am a new person now and I must do his Healing Qigong exercise daily, hopefully my depression will not recur."  -Paul


"My husband and I had been grieving uncontrollably for three months since our son passed away. Nothing was able to relieve the grief. We both came for a few Qigong treatments, after that we became normal and were emotionally stable. I was even able to go into my son's room without getting into an emotion. Later, we both attended a friend's funeral and we were able to hold ourselves together and only cried for about five minutes."  -Esther


I and my wife moved to a new house in Alberta 10 years ago. After couple of years, we started to notice changes in our home; felt uncomfortable and heavy. We also started to have pain in our bodies: for me, my pain was especially bad in my tailbone and in the stomach region. For my wife she started to grow small lumps in her breasts and lately the lumps grew more and bigger and spread to the back, both sides and the front of the abdominal region, as well as pain in the breast and the stomach areas. We had exhausted all means, such as seeing medical physicians, psychologists, healers etc., with little or no results. We were both worried, stressed and felt despair for our future.

Out of the blue, my dear friend recommended me to see Ming Kit Kwan, medical qigong healer in Nelson, BC. We drove over to his home the next day. Ming was calm and kind. He intuited with pendulum dowsing that we, the house and property had been cursed with evil spirits and multiple entities. Right away, he started clearing all these from us, house and property. Immediately, we both experienced less pain. After 10 minutes or so, my pain was all gone.

I told Ming that 4 years ago, I, being an excavator, was buried alive in the mud claustrophobic and cannot sleep at night. The picture of the accident and myself lying in the mud haunts me frequently. Ming put his hand on my head and treated me. I told him the picture of my entire accident began to disappear during his treatment and was almost completely disappeared at the end of the treatment.

After about 30 min, my wife started smiling and showed us her lumps were subsiding. When we left, we both were relieved and she was a happy woman again." -Thank you, Verna & Joshua


I have recently moved to live in Nelson, BC, Canada from New York city, USA. I met Ming in the apartment hallway and invited him to come in to have a friendly chat.

I told him I was medically retired for years after the Gulf war. I was injured in the war and I cannot rest or sleep peacefully seeing pictures of hundreds of people killed by the bombs from our planes. I was responsible for arming the bombs to the plane. I also suffered from severe pain in my body daily and the medical treatment and pain killer drugs do little to help with my pain. I frequently take marijuana as it will ease the pain to some extent.

Ming said he was a medical qigong healer and would like to offer his help to relieve my condition.

He put his hand on my head and began treatment to remove the pictures of people being killed and maimed by the bombs. It was successful, as after that I could' not see any pictures related to the killing.

Then he sent energy into my body and in a short time, my body pain was completely gone. I was good for couple days without pain, then the pain came back, I asked him to treat again. His treatment was again immediate successful. He told me the cause of my pain was due to the discarnate spirits (entities) of the victims in the Gulf war invaded into my body, his treatment was to release them to God's white light. Then he put a protection shield around my body to prevent future entities from invading into my body again. Since the last treatment, I am still pain free and I hope it will last for a long time. I am truly grateful and thank you." -Gordon


"In January 2009, I was the victim of a hurricane and flooding. I watched our farm and business wash away, and nearly lost my life and most sacred possessions. I was a refugee for several weeks living on a concrete floor, with little to eat. I lost so much in this disaster and my mental attitude suffered very much. I went to various different health practitioners with some relief but progress was slow. In early August, 2009 Ming Kit Kwan was recommended to me by several respected practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture). As a result of the disaster I have been suffering terribly from PTSD with insomnia, depression, terrible anxiety, racing thoughts, joint pain and other symptoms. Ming kindly treated me on very short notice with medical qigong. My relief was strong, immediate and long-lasting. I began sleeping through the night. My pain and anxiety has diminished greatly. In one treatment he has made a big difference in my life. In Ming’s medical qigong classes he is friendly, engaging and easy to learn from with a funny, generous nature. He has helped me immeasurably at a very difficult time in my life and I am now hopeful for a full recovery from a very debilitating condition, with true thanks to Ming."  -Sincerely, Grant


"Over many years I was hampered by repeated abusive statements my father had made to me while I was a child. His statements had become a negative mantra which often stood between me and the completion of various projects and aspirations in my life. I sought help from Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Rebalancers and Hypno-therapists. They all helped a bit but none resolved the annoying and counter productive mantra which went round and round in my head and which even voiced automatically and audibly on a regular basis. Several months ago after realizing many benefits from Ming Kwan's Qigong classes, I asked Ming for a treatment for my psychological issue. Ming suggested he could "release" the abusive words and did a long session with me which was, at some points, so intense, I felt like I might become ill. Immediately after this session I was unable to recall what my father had said. The abusive words which had been my mantra for over forty years had literally vanished. That was three months ago and the destructive mantra has never resurfaced. I am a much more productive, happier and healthier individual because of Ming Kwan's powerful healing abilities and his kind intercessions on my behalf."  -Timothy, Nelson BC


"I started to go Ming's Qigong classes at the middle of January. After practicing the exercises, I approached Ming and appealed to him to do some energy work with me.

He asked very clearly and simply what was problematic for me. I felt very trusting of him and told of a devastating assault that occurred in France when I was twenty-seven. At that time, the perpetrator (my husband) had me hospitalized. I was told I was bipolar at that time. Ming appeared very calm and intuited my distress. He asked another woman to work with me on issues Ming seemed very sensitized to. Ming worked with me and was able to pinpoint and remove the dark energy embedded in my body/mind/spirit, He used energy (chi) to extract the entity. He asked me how I felt and I was confident he released and distressed my being.

Initially I could feel an energy shift within me and after one week, I felt a definite levity – I was lighter and happier. When I returned to Qigong class, I was able to verbalize the obvious shift in my disposition. Others around me noticed this shift. I was more vital and my overall was significantly healthier.

I then asked Ming to do some long distance healing work with my daughter who had significant issues of abuse and, also, a confused mind set around my mental health. I also asked him to liberate her of these issues and release her stress in such a way that we could have a more fruitful relationship. I felt the change almost immediately; I was more lighthearted towards her and she displayed more openness and joy and trust in me. She started phoning me more often and we laughed and shared easily between us.

It was so wonderful and she invited me to share in a Christening celebration for her daughter (my granddaughter)!

I feel so relieved by these shifts in behavior and I focus better and am bathed in loving affection towards myself and others. I am deeply grateful to Ming and his Qigong work." -Amy