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julie breton


"My 80 year old father had breathing problem and pneumonia in the hospital. He received an energy treatment and his breathing improved and the pain was eased. The same evening, he received some drugs and later, he went into coma. The next morning, he was moved into the palliative ward and I was informed by the doctor that he would die in couple of hours. I then called Klotz to come to the ward to give him another energy healing. He did a remote healing on my father from his home and my father regained consciousness right after the treatment. However, he still had a lot of pain as I could see his hands were up covering his head. When Klotz arrived, he treated him again from the end of his bed because the family was gathering around the head of his bed talking to him. I noticed his started to lower his hands down to his sides and his face also changed from this painful look to a peaceful look. He then went into sleep. Now, after a year, he is still kicking."  -Bill


"My 19-year-old niece had a seizure and fell in the tub hitting her head. She was in coma for a while and was then taken to the hospital in Calgary, where she remained in coma for over 3 weeks. The doctors told my sister that she would be in coma for a long time and that if she became conscious again, she would lose her function of the limbs. I asked for help to give her a Qi Gong energy healing. Klotz and his assistants together gave her a remote healing from Nelson, BC. Upon talking to my sister later that afternoon, I was told that my niece got out of coma about the time the healing was performed. She got out of the hospital two days later and now she could perform every function as usual."  -Lillian


"My 80-year old mother-in-law had a bout of dysentery for a year. She is now declared cured by her doctor, but her illness left her very weak indeed. She has to walk by holding onto somebody's arm all the time. I took her for energy healing against her will. She came unwillingly. Her energy level and vitality were boosted by the treatment. After the treatment, we went shopping with her holding onto my arms as usual. When I stopped for a chat with my friend in the mall, she suddenly slipped off by her self to a distance. At the time, my husband came back and asked where his mother was. I told him she went off by herself, and his jaw dropped in disbelief. A moment later, she trotted back and said "I could walk fast and I did not realize". Two days later she had another treatment, and this time, she almost jogged around the swimming pool. Ever since the treatment, she enjoyed her out-door walk daily by herself.  -Betty


"I had a bone spur on my heel and was unable to put my heel on the ground because it hurt badly. The doctor suggested an operation to remove the bone. I came for a few Qigong healing treatments, after which I was able to walk normally without any pain, and my surgery was not necessary.  -Larry


"I am a cancer patient and am on chemotherapy. The chemotherapy gives me very unpleasant side effects each time. Recently, the side effect had been particularly severe. It severely affected my emphysema that I could hardly breathe even with oxygen. On top of that, I also had pain on my tongue and haemorrhoid. I had been suffering these side effects for a while. Then, my friend told me to try Qigong healing treatment. I received a 30- minute treatment, after which, I was able to breathe without the need of oxygen, my pain in the tongue was gone, and my haemorrhoid pain was much better. During the chemotherapy treatment, I was treated twice a week, and I was glad to have such a relief. Qigong healing was a bless and effective in relieving side-effect symptoms."  -Joannah


"My wife has a Dupuytren’s contracture where the ligaments on the palm thicken into bumps, and pulls the fingers in towards the palm. I have been treating her right after I exercise, and the bumps are now soft and shrinking. I do not think she will need surgery to fix this, as her dad required. I have treated her daily for about 2 weeks now, and she is amazed at how good her palm feels: no tingling, no pull."  -Jim


julie breton


"In early June 2010, I was diagnosed 4th stage lung cancer and I was given one year to live. I want to thank you, auntie, for the healing you gave me and also for introducing me to Ming Kit Kwan from Nelson, he has been working on me the last 2 and 1/2 months since January 2011. I also practice his medical qigong tape. I want you to know I went to the doctor to have all my tests done, CT scan and other scans in April 2011 – no sign of cancer. Doctor said it is hiding. It has been almost a year since I have been diagnosed. I really enjoy doing the medical qigong exercise tape, it makes me feel good. I am feeling fine and in good health. I cannot thank God enough and the two of you healing me."  -Thank you, Sharon


"I had been diagnosed with liver cancer and I opted to go to the US for an expensive special cancer treatment and my cancer was found to have metastasized into my brain since. I felt very dejected and worried. I felt that my head was foggy, painful, with a sensation of a band tightening around my head. I went for medical qigong healing treatment. It eliminated the fogginess in my head, my head felt clear I felt the energy and was happy and I felt a glimmer of hope for my condition. After a number of healing sessions, my head was clear of symptoms although occasionally I still experienced some minor symptoms. He has given me hope and helped my condition."  -Paul


"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated all that you had done for me in the twelve weeks since my first healing session and instruction in Qigong on May 2007. You had given me hope that on July 31 2007, the surgeon had removed a sarcoma tumour that was completely dead and that, consequently, chemotherapy was not be necessary. You had also introduced me to a world beyond Newtonian physics and western conventional wisdom. The past twelve weeks had a profound impact on how I see myself and the world around me. I would never forget my first healing session with you and the first Qigong class I attended at Mount Sentinel High School that same day. When you were channelling energy into my tumour I could feel the patterns you were inscribing four inches above the tumour area as though there was an instrument inside the cancer stirring in these very same patterns!

At your invitation, I attended your class that night where you introduced me to Margaret. You asked her whether she thought there was anything wrong with me. She responded that there was illness in my lower abdomen where she saw a body of light black energy. I told her that I had a cancer in the lower abdomen. You then asked her what colour the cancer had been before that morning's treatment. She responded that it had been dark black! That day marked a seismic shift in my perception of the world and my place in it for which I have you to thank. I also wanted to let you know that I got the biopsy result back from my sarcoma surgery, there was no trace of cancer. It has been over four years now that I am still cancer free. I have been doing my Five Element Medical Qigong since to heal me and to keep myself healthy."  -Thanks, Alex


"Hello – I thought you’d be interested to hear this. I told you a while back that I had decided to discontinue chemotherapy after the first three rounds. The last round I had was on March 22nd. This week I went to a herbalist and had whole body system testing done via meridian points. When he did the testing (a two-hour process) to determine at what level of toxicity my body and organs were, he did not know of my cancer treatments. When I told him about my medical history, he was shocked at how “well” I was and said he has a lot of cancer clients and has never seen anyone whose systems are functioning so well following chemotherapy. I also told him about your distance healings and my practicing Five Element Medical Healing Qigong and he agreed there was no doubt that my current condition could be attributed in some part to that. Of course the benefits of Qi Gong cannot be measured but I have no doubt that my results would have been much worse had I not found you and Five Element Medical Healing Qigong! This type of body system testing also involves testing of individual herbs and supplements to create a formula that my body needs to help it get restored to balance. These herbs are then hand mixed. I will take that formula for two months and then be re-tested to measure my system improvements."  -Thanks, MariePeterborough, Ontario


"Five years ago, I found a small lump growing on top of my left ear. I went to see the doctor. The diagnosis was malignant melanoma and he performed a surgical procedure to remove the lump. After that, a new and larger lump started growing faster on the same spot and it was bleeding. I tried alternative treatments and it did not seem to have any effect on the lump. The doctor wanted to cut off my entire ear. On advice of my friends, I came to Ming for medical healing qigong treatment. I stopped all alternative treatments and started to practice his high level medical healing qigong daily. He started with four treatment sessions a week during which he emitted high vibration energy to disintegrate my cancer. After two weeks, the sessions reduced to three per week, then 2 per week and then one per week. After about four months treatment, my lump had completely disappeared and now five years later, I am still cancer free, my ear is perfectly normal with no bleeding. I am so happy! I have many friends who still do not believe I was helped by energy healing. These people think that western medicine with its drugs (poisons) is the only 'safe' method to treat cancer. I think western medicine's efforts, in general, to treat chronic diseases and most forms of cancer are not working well, they seem to treat and mask the symptoms but do not address the root of the problem. After talking to Ming, I think many of these are mainly energetic origin, which can be fixed by his subtle energies."  -Gerrie