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julie breton


"I have been reading the testimonials on your website. It's simply amazing how much you help people. And was very happy that you successfully cured yourself of the cancerous lump. it's beyond words how much you help people.

I have also been doing fragrance every day, I have missed a couple of days but tried to make up with two on the days that followed, I am happy to tell you that I feel heaps better, my glandular fever has pretty much gone away in two weeks,  I plan to fully dedicate my life to healing, and the first step is to raise my energy vibration, thank you for the push in the right direction, hope you are well." - John


"Here are some of the changes I've noticed over this winter, since I started practising daily Qigong exercises in November. I had no expectation whatsoever-in fact, I was rather sceptical it would help at all. All I was really hoping for was improved energy and mental alertness. By mid to end February I had noted remarkable improvement in energy-it was very surprising. For many years I've had symptoms of connective tissue illnesses, such as mouth ulcers, Raynauds phenomenon, extremely itchy, red raised rash on legs, odd red spot lesions on body which were red crusty, itchy and sore. Also I would have flare-ups of a peculiar redness and swelling around my lip line, they would become red, swell, burn and itch for a couple of days, then the skin would all peel off that area exactly as if burned, the cycle could recur several times a month.

All these symptoms had disappeared over the winter. I did not have my annual flu or cold this year-first time in 20 years. I've had Temporo-mandibular joint locking and clunking for years. This has improved dramatically and I don't even notice it any more. All my adult life I have had severe headaches- vascular, pounding, with nausea and vomiting. These I am finding are occurring less frequently and are much less severe. I have been prone to yeast-infections for years, and have not had one this winter. If anyone is interested in speaking to me, please contact me."  -Anne


"I want to thank you for your classes. I enjoy them, and feel so much more energy when I practise with the group. After just a few months of regular practice, my headaches, when they occur, are milder. I hope that soon they will forget to come at all. I was joking in class about "liver spots" today. I have actually noticed that they are lightening up. This thrills me. I have had TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment for "liver fire uprising" for several years now, and can really tell that the Qigong is helping. I'll be away for most of the summer, but remain committed to helping spread the word for our group. Blessings to you for a great summer."  -Patricia


"I have been practicing daily since you visited at the end of July. I have mainly used Vitality. I am a runner, and before you came my usual training run (just over 5.5k) used to take me 27 minutes or so. The first time I ran after you were in the house, I did a 25:15, my best time for that run ever. I have consistently been running it in the 26 – 26:30 time frame, with the odd sub 26 minute run when I feel real good. I have started practicing my Vitality twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. I had a 10K run last Sunday, the third time in 3 years I have run this race. The first year, when I was 50 I did the course in 49:05, last year (at 51) I did it in 48:56. This year, after practicing the Qigong as described, I ran 46:18, almost 1 ½ minutes faster than last year! Nothing else has really changed (no injuries this year helps!). Then two runs after this, my usual training run was 24:31…faster than even when you were here! My wife figures soon I will be home before I leave. Thanks for the exercises, Ming!"  -Jim G.

Letter from Australia

"In May 2009 Ming visited my small rural home town in Australia. I attended his 2 day workshop with my sceptical mind, being a Capricorn we are sceptics but in a nutshell OMG my life and health has changed since Ming came into my life,and teaching me Medical Qi Gong. I had lost my Mum 7 months prior to Mings workshop and was still deeply saddened, and an emotional wreck. During the first night of the workshop the group and Ming worked on me an OMG it took away the hurtful sad heavy feeling in my chest that made me feel so sad. I felt it leave my body as it as being released. That feeling of the emotional blockaged literally moviing down my chest and down my stomach and then it was gone as it left my body. Ming also checked me for any spirits which he found some in me, my home and car. Ever since my Mum died I always felt she was in the back seat STARING at me as I drove so I was too scared to turn around in case I saw her(her ghost) sitting there looking at me.

After Ming removed the spirits from myself, my car and home that night in the pouring rain about 10pm(it was flood times too so there was water everywhere for weeks) when I got into my car the overwhelming feeling of emptiness hit me, I felt the car was now empty and that no one was sitting on the back seat so in the dark I turned to look in the back and WOO HOO I burst out laughing I truly felt that whoever it was (either my Mum ? or someone else) that was bothering me by being in my car was GONE! Thank you Ming.

Ming also told me he could work on animals. We had 3 Dachshunds and one of them had never gotten over the snake bite death of his step brother Dachshund in February 2007, so EVERY full moon since February 2007 this one male sausage dog Woody would howl and cry (we assumed it was to do with the sad loss of his best mate/step brother Charlie Brown) as Woody NEVER did this or acted so upset previously to full moons. I provided Ming with a photo of our 3 dogs and OMG people remember I am a sceptic EVER since May 2009 Woody has NEVER howled or got upset with full moons and I do believe it was the spirits in Woody's body one of which was his late brother Charlie Browns spirit. I asked Ming to also help our nervous Dachshund Ruby Rose, we got her aged 7 months so never knew what happened to her for the first 7 months of her life but she has always been a nervous scared dog and he cleansed her spirits and I do believe she is NO where near as nervous as before if anything she can be a tough bully at times to her dachshunds peers -ha ha.

Lucky last Ming told me he can help with many issues and one that has I guess burdened me my entire life is the negative comments from my father.He is a decent, caring Dad but I guess it comes from his upbringing to that you have to be perfect so I got FED up with putting up with negative talk about myself of even others and OMG Ming cleansed my family core (near your kidney area ) and from that night onwards although I can remember the negative things said to me BUT it NO LONGER affects me or gets me wanting to bite back or get my anxiety levels up. I think this has been the BEST thing Ming has done for me to date,well after teaching me medical Qi Gong to start with.

I have recommended the cleansing of the family core to others who have family issues and I do believe this could even help with kids getting bullied etc. But if you have issues with either your immediate family, or ex etc if they have spoken negatively to you or about you,degraded you etc please please I recommend you go see Ming and ask him to cleanse your family core,it's the area where we stash our emotional baggage etc. Now I was 35 when he cleanses my core so no matter how young or old go see Ming! How I explain about Medical Qi Gong to friends or people who have no idea or don't understand or see the point. I say it is as simple as eating healthy each day, do a little Qi Gong each day to help keep the Doctor away.

I also do believe Medical Qi Gong has helped IMPROVE my short sightedness. The first year I was practising medical Qi Gong my optometrist said WOW your eyes have improved and my last check up they haven't got worse so you tell me? If you are a sceptic like I was give it a go,if you don't like it ,fine and it's not like a gym set where you have to outlay $1000's for it then if you don't like it you are not stuck with all that unwanted equipment. I still make myself smile when I literally get the buzzing energy feelings in my hands when I practise, I often imagine any time soon some sparks will start coming out of my hands or fingers -ha ha. Energy gives us the power to heal. Remember I am just a typical aussie lady who wants to preserve her life.

I will make it very clear I am NOT against Western Dr's, my Dr knows what I do, he may roll his eyes but I still have my Dr for normal check ups and blood tests other wise life is GREAT! I sincerely feel blessed for having not only had the pleasure to meet Ming but also learn from him Skills that will last me a lifetime and ANYONE ANYAGE can do ANYWHERE. Eg: I practise on holidays, in motels, at parks, I can even do some in the car as a passenger or on a plane, who cares if people stare, it's their loss what your gaining and that is you are cultivating your own energy. I have said it many times that if more people practised Medical Qi Gong less would get sick. P.S I have realised now that animals LOVE positive energy and quite often as I practise my dogs will come and either SIT on my foot and stand or sleep right next to me.I have since learnt that the have been lapping up the positive energy I cultivate and hence it helps them at the same time as it helps me WOW. I often give my hounds a Qi Gong rub down or massage and their faces say it all OH LA LA they say give me more. Ha! ha!"  -Carol, Casino Australia


"Just wanted to send you a message to say how much we enjoyed your workshop at the Congress. We were only able to attend your Saturday workshop (Fragrance) and thoroughly enjoyed seeing you in person and learning this exercise. The DVD will help us fully learn the various moves. The only disappointment for me was that I was not able to meet you personally or receive a personal treatment, both of which I had hoped for, however, you were more or less mobbed by the attendees and I am somewhat shy about pushing my way forward so I was content to buy the DVD and hope to meet you at another time. Maybe in Nelson!

My husband is a retired educator and he compliments you on the way you conducted your workshop. You made it entertaining and educational at the same time; the attendees were definitely not bored! We both regret that we were not able to attend the full three days at the Congress. You mentioned you had been invited to Ottawa. If that is a venue that is for the public (and not just medical doctors) please let us know as we live with four hours of Ottawa and would love to attend A little update on my progress: since receiving the five element DVD from you (in late February?) I've been practicing (nearly) daily and have the last few weeks begun to notice that after doing my practice, my energy level is boosted. In fact, if I feel my energy flagging and the idea of a nap sounds nice, I practice five element instead and when I finish I no longer feel the need of a nap.

My husband (Jim) is also practicing with me, although he is not always able to do so daily. He had a distance healing from you for his eyes (he has high normal pressure, not glaucoma) and when he went for his annual check-up in May, his eye pressure was the lowest it has been in many years. The only change he's made over the past year is to have your healing and begin practicing five element. There's an obvious connection. We're hoping that this trend will continue over the next year, especially with continued practice of five element and are looking forward to another drop in his eye pressure reading at that time. We'll be sure to let you know. Thanks for all the updates; we love receiving them. I will be in touch soon for another distance healing. Be sure to take care of yourself!"  -Marie


"I heard about Ming through some beloved family members in Castlegar, B.C. I had been battling tremendous health issues for two years, but the most recent crisis was unbearable lower back, hip and leg pain. I was so weak from fighting constant pain, not being able to sit, stand or sleep comfortably, and pinched nerves in my feet made them numb and ice cold to the touch. All of this despite being "cared for" by a family doctor, two spine specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, myopractors and massage therapists for eight months! I truly was giving up and mostly rested on the couch feeling the life-force just drain from me. I barely could look after our normal household duties and had not worked in eight months. I told my husband, "I'm dying here and they want me to do SIT-UPS!" In desperation, I emailed Ming my photograph and a brief list of my many symptoms. That night, he called my husband after I was in bed, so I didn't even know he was working on me.

The next morning, I told my husband that I had enjoyed a deeper sleep, was able to sleep in a few more positions and best of all, my feet had become warm to the touch and stayed that way all night! I called Ming in tremendous appreciation and we agreed to do two more sessions in the next two days. Each night, I felt his energy begin to course through my body, a pleasant head-to-toe tingling, electrical sensations in my limbs and more warm feet. I saw bright white light radiating in my mind's eye. I had more energy the next day and felt some of my old self returning. Not bathing for three days in order to hold in the Qi energy was interesting, but when you're that sick, you'll do anything! Ming graciously shared reams of information and testimonials with me via email and we spoke on the phone several times. He encouraged me to help with the healing by doing the Medical Qigong exercises several times a day. Because of my back issues, both sitting and standing were very painful, so doing the exercises was painful at first, but I believed in their healing abilities, so I hung in there. My family members lovingly coached me over the phone on doing the positions correctly.

My skeptical husband watched me gather energy, color in my face and my sense of humor within a few days and his jaw about dropped open. I also did my part by reciting the Master Meditation he sent me at least every other night. I am amplifying the Qigong work by eating a mostly raw diet and have seen incredible results in my energy!! Some intuitions came to me on how to heal myself, beginning with seeing a podiatrist and correcting foot imbalances that probably were the root cause of all the back, hip and leg issues. Simple solutions MISSED by many doctors in the Western medical world! My body began whispering to me what it needs and I began to trust the Inner Voices instead of only seeking healing from the Outer World. Less than two weeks after beginning this healing journey with Ming, I had to endure a two-hour cancer biopsy surgery. Ming worked on me the day before and the day after and I rebounded amazingly well from the surgery. Thankfully, the results were negative.

My family doctor saw me four days later and was astounded at the changes in me, saying, "Germaine, what have you DONE! When I saw you three weeks ago, you looked half-dead! And you're telling me you had a full SURGERY last week!?! This is amazing! You look like a radiantly healthy young woman to me!" Naturally, I had copies of Ming's information available to share with him and invited him to amplify his natural healing abilities with Medical Qigong. I have never met a more humble, powerful, altruistic and delightful man than Ming Kwan. I've been a student of metaphysical teachings and have been to more healers than you can shake a sage stick at! But I have never experienced more immediate healing and helpful advice than with Ming. I bless the day my family encouraged me to contact him and he will be a lifelong friend. As an innate, born healer, it would be my greatest honor to teach this to other "students" who are ready for their teacher to appear. My prayers for healing were heard, and the Angels sent Ming and my B.C. family to deliver my healing."  -Germaine, Phoenix, AZ