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julie breton


"My 80 year old father had breathing problem and pneumonia in the hospital. He received an energy treatment and his breathing improved and the pain was eased. The same evening, he received some drugs and later, he went into coma. The next morning, he was moved into the palliative ward and I was informed by the doctor that he would die in couple of hours. I then called Klotz to come to the ward to give him another energy healing. He did a remote healing on my father from his home and my father regained consciousness right after the treatment. However, he still had a lot of pain as I could see his hands were up covering his head. When Klotz arrived, he treated him again from the end of his bed because the family was gathering around the head of his bed talking to him. I noticed his started to lower his hands down to his sides and his face also changed from this painful look to a peaceful look. He then went into sleep. Now, after a year, he is still kicking."  -Bill


"My 19-year-old niece had a seizure and fell in the tub hitting her head. She was in coma for a while and was then taken to the hospital in Calgary, where she remained in coma for over 3 weeks. The doctors told my sister that she would be in coma for a long time and that if she became conscious again, she would lose her function of the limbs. I asked for help to give her a Qi Gong energy healing. Klotz and his assistants together gave her a remote healing from Nelson, BC. Upon talking to my sister later that afternoon, I was told that my niece got out of coma about the time the healing was performed. She got out of the hospital two days later and now she could perform every function as usual."  -Lillian


"My 80-year old mother-in-law had a bout of dysentery for a year. She is now declared cured by her doctor, but her illness left her very weak indeed. She has to walk by holding onto somebody's arm all the time. I took her for energy healing against her will. She came unwillingly. Her energy level and vitality were boosted by the treatment. After the treatment, we went shopping with her holding onto my arms as usual. When I stopped for a chat with my friend in the mall, she suddenly slipped off by her self to a distance. At the time, my husband came back and asked where his mother was. I told him she went off by herself, and his jaw dropped in disbelief. A moment later, she trotted back and said "I could walk fast and I did not realize". Two days later she had another treatment, and this time, she almost jogged around the swimming pool. Ever since the treatment, she enjoyed her out-door walk daily by herself.  -Betty


"I had a bone spur on my heel and was unable to put my heel on the ground because it hurt badly. The doctor suggested an operation to remove the bone. I came for a few Qigong healing treatments, after which I was able to walk normally without any pain, and my surgery was not necessary.  -Larry


"I am a cancer patient and am on chemotherapy. The chemotherapy gives me very unpleasant side effects each time. Recently, the side effect had been particularly severe. It severely affected my emphysema that I could hardly breathe even with oxygen. On top of that, I also had pain on my tongue and haemorrhoid. I had been suffering these side effects for a while. Then, my friend told me to try Qigong healing treatment. I received a 30- minute treatment, after which, I was able to breathe without the need of oxygen, my pain in the tongue was gone, and my haemorrhoid pain was much better. During the chemotherapy treatment, I was treated twice a week, and I was glad to have such a relief. Qigong healing was a bless and effective in relieving side-effect symptoms."  -Joannah


"My wife has a Dupuytren’s contracture where the ligaments on the palm thicken into bumps, and pulls the fingers in towards the palm. I have been treating her right after I exercise, and the bumps are now soft and shrinking. I do not think she will need surgery to fix this, as her dad required. I have treated her daily for about 2 weeks now, and she is amazed at how good her palm feels: no tingling, no pull."  -Jim


julie breton


"I want to thank you again for coming all the way to see me. It was only two weeks since near dying in the hospital and your arrival and presence brought such life to my spirit and body. With a diagnosis with Addison's disease my adrenals were working at 7% with no hope of breathing life into them for the rest of my life. In one short week, your treatments along with Qigong exercises every day brought my adrenals to 70% function with a reduction of half my medication of cortisol prescribed to me for my survival. I feel great. I will continue to do the exercises daily and keep you posted in my continual recovery, healing, and strengthening. I am encouraged to continue the Qigong exercises as I believe it will keep my other organs strong and the need for added medication, which usually happens with having Addison Disease over time, will never be an issue."  -God bless you Ming, Lorna


"I took Ming to treat my friend who had been drinking for years. He was not able to hold a steady job for that reason. During Ming's treatment, he cried out loud with tears and nose running. When the treatment was finished, my friend had no recollection of what had happened during the treatment, but he said at the end he could hear a whirling sound at the top of his head. Ming gave him some special exercise to do for his condition. After a couple more treatments, he was out walking and working out in the gym and since then he started his own business and is still doing very well."  -Jim


"Thank you for the work that you have done for my 8 month old baby daughter who has cystic fibrosis. I have noticed she seems very happy. I am very happy too, much happier. She has been in a great mood since she left your place three days ago, and is still happy today. It is great whatever you have done and I have the feeling whatever you did energetically is now a permanent fundamental part of her. Thank you and I will see you again."  -Holly


"I had HIV infection for a number of years and was sick and off work. I had been receiving HIV drug treatments yearly costing over $20,000 per year. All my tests including viral load and CD4 count were abnormal. I was introduced to Ming who gave me medical qigong treatments. After three medical qigong treatments, I felt good and went back to work since. I continued to receive more treatments from him. After 4 months, my viral load test was 0, but the CD4 count was still low. I know my immune system, after being suppressed for so long, would take some time to rebound and produce more CD4 cells. Qigong would help to speed up the process of CD4 manufacture, energizing the bone marrow and other parts of the immune system, allowing a faster production of these helpful cells."


" To Klotz Kwan, I fell in the morning of March and to keep from falling, I tried to hold on to a grab bar, but all I did was to injure my wrist and pull all the muscles in my right arm and shoulder and falling bruised my whole right side. I struggled for almost an hour trying to get up but I only made matters worse. I pressed my lifeline button and the paramedics came and lifted me up. They wanted to take me to the emergency, but I said NO, as I could not get into the car without the use of my right arm, nor could I walk home and they could not bring me home. I could not do anything so I spent most of Sunday and Monday in bed, in a lot of pain and not sleeping but dozing. Monday night I was lying there wondering how I could get to see you, then I sensed someone was in the room so I opened my eyes and you were standing there. I screamed and asked you why you were there, and you disappeared, so I lay there for awhile to calm myself. Then I got up and I realized the extreme pain was gone so I went back to bed and slept for six hours. When I finally got up my hand and wrist was no longer swollen, just discolored as was part of my whole right side, that is mostly gone now. I told my son about what I had experienced and he said "Mum, you have always had certain psychic power which used to scare us kids sometimes. Probably you were able to send your cries for help and with the power Kwan possesses, his spirit received it and therefore treated you. You had better tell him about it because he may now know that this happened and needs to be thanked from both of us. So THANK YOU from both of us who will be forever grateful.  -Leona

ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease)

" Dear Ming, Words are a poor vehicle for me to express my gratitude for your strength through healing. My ALS had taken over and my immune system was very weak. Your Healing together with high quality vitamins has energized me. My battle is not over, but it is possible to deal with through your help."  -Best Regards, Selwyn